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Introduce this past culture. Who were they? From where time period? How did they fit into the global timeline? How far did their boundaries reach?In what ways have their history been documented (historical documents, archaeological resources, oral histories, etc). Do these research avenues complement or contrast each other? How?What particular archaeological methods were used in the archaeological analysis of this site? Specific dating techniques? Survey?Excavation? GPR? Faunal analysis? How many archaeological sites are you discussing in your term paper to get a better understanding of this culture?What cultural extrapolations can we make based on the archaeological resources found? Provide concrete reasons.What are some pseudoscientific theoriessurrounding this particular culture? How mainstream/underground is the theor(ies)? In other words, is there a large following? What are some ofthe things that make these theories attractive? What are some of the ways these theories are a detriment to the understanding of the past culture? Tohuman ingenuity?Are there any present-day descendent communities associated with this past culture? What are their views of their ancestors? Whatare their views of archaeological research (for or against)?You must search out at least 5 scholarly sources to inform your analysis paper.Use 3-4 pictures in your paper to further convey your point, just remember to cite them on your reference pageFORMAT:Introduction – Body – Conclusion – WorksCited3,000-word minimum (10 – 12 pages, double spaced)Title page12 point Times New Roman fontOne-inch marginsDouble spacedIn-text citations as well as aseparate Works Cited/References/Bibliography page*Please incorporate the added word document into your writing.*There is one citation already in the draft writing, the writer needs to find 4 more.

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