History Of HIV/AIDS Get Solution Now

The “Management Live 5.3” feature in Baldwin et al. (2013) describes a very unique tactic that the NBA took to teach new players about the risk of HIV/AIDS. Unfortunately, it seems that many messages don’t seem to “stick” with us. Instead of listening to experts and people who have more experience than we do, we often want to learn for ourselves.1.Do you think the message was more effective at changing players’ behaviors than it would have been if they brought in a doctor or former player who had contracted HIV/AIDS? Why or why not?2.Do you think it was ethical for the NBA to send the message in this way? Why or why not?3.How could this strategy be incorporated into other kinds of messages that we often want to convey to young people (e.g., staying in school, the dangers of doing drugs, smoking, drinking and driving)?

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History Of HIV/AIDS Get Solution Now
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