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This Course Project gives you the opportunity to select a relevant healthcare topic with legal and/or ethical implications and analyze it in greater depth in a written format. The Research Paper should critically analyze the issues related to the topic within the context of the current healthcare environment.Choose from any of the Possible Course Project TopicsDescribe and evaluate the ethical issues involved in Medicare-funded organ transplants.Assess the intent and impact of publicity-oriented legal challenges to physician-assisted suicide.Analyze the effectiveness of society’s delegation of ethical standards and the supervision of professional conduct to the professions of medicine and nursingDescribe the current healthcare cost milieu and evaluate the need to ration the availability of healthcare services.Analyze the recent legislation outlining minimum safe staffing standards for healthcare organizations; suggest follow-up strategiesFINALLY —-> Introduce the issue.Define the problem.Search the literature.Analyze the problem.Offer possible solutions.Propose a single solution.Develop an implementation plan.Justify why and how if your solution will solve the identified problem.

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Healthcare Organizations Get Solution Now
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