Front-Line Healthcare Providers Get Solution Now

1. Find a minimum of 20 links related to “moral injury” faced by front-line healthcare providers during COVID-19 pandemic. This can be news (video/article) from healthcare workers from all around the work. IG & TikTok posts of healthcare workers. VOX docuseries and other documentaries that you can find related to this. Interviews and find universities and research centres or other companies who are addressing moral injury.YOUR INSIGHTS and REFLECTIONS need to be YOURS! Do not copy/paste from the source.2. The number of pages does not matter here. What matters is that you have your minimum of 20 links.3. Be sure to put the title of the link about it and share your insights and takeaways from each link underneath it in a short paragraph. This is to let us know what information you are bringing our attention to and WHY! Why does that matter?4. At the very end, write a page or 1/2 page reflection on your findings.

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Front-Line Healthcare Providers Get Solution Now
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