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Question 1:The terms“precedent” and “stare decisis” areused to describe how a judge’s interpretation  ofa  law  can  become  law  itself.  Do  your  own  independent  research  into  what “precedent”and “stare decisis” means  and  using  your  own  words,  you  define  those  terms.Question2:“Statutory” law comes from federal and state legislative bodies. Those  men  and  women  weelect  to  represent  us  make  law  concerning  a  variety  of  things,  like  family  law,  contract  law, employment  law,  traffic  law,  etc.  Do  your  own  independent  research into  how  the  legislative process  works.  For  example,  years  ago  Nevada  did  not  have  a  seatbelt law. A member of the Nevada  Legislature  had  an  “idea”  that  a  seatbelt  law  would  help  save lives. That “idea” eventually became a “law.” What process occurred?Question 3:“Common”  law  can  come  from  judges  interpreting  other  sources  of  law.  Technically,  not  all judges  make  common  law.  There  are  generally  two  kinds  of  judges:  1)  single  trial  judges overseeing trial courtrooms, and, 2) groups of appellate judges overseeing appellate courtrooms. Common law comes primarily from “appellate” judges. Do your own independent research into how federal and state courts systems are typically set up. Then, describe in your own words what an  “appellate”  court  is,  how  many  judges  typically  sit  on  an  appellate  court,  what  an  appellate court’s primary responsibility is, and why it is so important that we have appellate courts in our legal system.

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