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You review should be 3 pages long, single spaced, 12pt font, and one inch margin all around. It should include the following:Summary (two paragraphs max)Write a short summary of the paper using your own words. You should mention the question(s) under study, data, empirical strategy, and results.Main CommentsYou main comments should include the following subsections:1. Contribution: is the topic clearly explained? Does the author does a good job of motivating the question under study? Is the literature review complete and clear? Is the paper original (i.e. it provides new empirical findings, interpretation, data, and/or methodology)?2. Methodology (econometric analysis): is the estimating equation clearly related to the hypothesis being tested? Is the econometric technique well suited to the problem under study? Outline the strengths and weakness of the methodology, don’t focus only on the negative. Do you have suggestions about how to improve the paper?3. Data: is the data clearly described (dataset and variables)? Are the summary statistics clearly related to the question under study and motivation?4. Results: are the results clearly stated and presented? Are the results statistically significant at conventional levels? Are the results related to the question under study and motivation? Are caveats mentioned? Did the author(s) show robustness of the results? Do you agree with the author’s interpretation of their results? Do you have suggestions about how to improve the paper?5. Overall: Are the finding interesting enough to warrant publication? At the end of the report add a paragraph explaining briefly your suggestion: reject, revise and resubmit, or accept. Are there any issues that the author should address if the paper is going to be revised?For this assignment, you are asked to review a working paper as if you had received the paper from the Journal of Development Economics and were asked to referee it. Refereeing is a frequent component of the job of an academic engaged in research. The purpose of the referee report is to recommend to an editor whether the paper is suitable for publication or not, recommend revisions, or reasons for rejection.

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Econometric Technique Get Solution Now
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