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Please follow the attached rubric. At the bottom of you’re answer please provide  2 scholarly sources that you used from google scholar and also 2 that you would like to further discuss. The latter just has a ” to further your knowledge look at these for supplemental reading ….” and also include a question based on what is written.Have you (or someone you know) ever had the experience of eating a particular food, then becoming ill, and then avoiding that food at all costs in the future?  In learning theory terminology, this is known as “taste aversion.”Using your specific experience as an example, discuss how classical conditioning principles can be used to explain the development of taste aversion, and contribute to your behavior following the conditioning experience.In addition, explain two ways that taste aversion differs from typical classical conditioning paradigms.  Again, use the experience described above as yourspecific example.Explain how the concept of taste aversion may be applied to the treatment of a particular psychological or other health disorder.  Include a discussion of ethical considerations associated with this type of treatment.

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Taste Aversion Get Solution Now
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