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PLEASE READ AND FOR ALL INSTRUCTIONS WHEN DOING ASSIGNMENT ALL LINKS MUST BE FOLLOWEDA recent study published by RAND found that private health insurers pay more to hospitals for services when compared to their Medicare counterparts.  (You should review the report at  This assignment has you ask the question: Why is that so?Goal.  Your goal is to create a 5-7 page APA-formatted essay arguing why private insurers pay more for services than their Medicare counterparts.Here are some ideas to begin your research: Begin your exploration by reading the report at you recall this week’s discussion forum?  You may wish to revisit the sources appearing in the discussion forum!Performing research at KFF ( keywords and concepts at for additional internet searches.Also, you will need to know about Medicare payment rates using the RVU formula discussed at and about the transparency rule at learning about RBRVS and the transparency rule, formulate and argue for a theory explaining why private insurers (and their customers) pay more for services relative to their Medicare counterpart

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Private Insurers Get Solution Now
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