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For the following questions 1-3, choose two of them and write 5 pages for each of the two questions you choose. That is total of 10 pages.Question #1:Choose TWO legal cases from the following list. Discuss the role of “race” in how these specific legal cases were argued, defended, and concretized into law.  How did the legal frameworks and court systems define, incorporate, and actualize “race” as it affected APAs?  Do you see how this history (from these two specific cases) still have an effect on APAs today (in 2020)?People v. Hall*Yick Wo v. Hopkins*Chae Chan Ping v. United States*Fong Yue Ting v. United States*United States v. Wong Kim Ark*Wong Wing v. United States*United States v. Ju Toy*Yamataya v. Fisher*Tape v. Hurley*Oyama v. California*Sei Fujii v. California*Gong Lum v. Rice*Ozawa v. United States*United States v. Thind*Hirabayashi v. United States*Korematsu v. United StatesQuestion #2Terms have layers of social meaning, historical contexts, and political orientation.  It’s not a matter of just being “politically correct” or “politically incorrect.”  It’s about conveying a worldview and theoretical framework, whether you were aware of it or not. . .What does the term “Oriental” sociohistorically signify?  How has it been employed and applied to Asian Americans?  How have Pacific Islanders figured into this label and social reality? What role has “race” and the “racialization process” played in contributing to the proliferation of this label and all of the layers of social meanings attached to this term.Question #3Professor Sucheng Chan of UC Santa Barbara (historian and political scientist) has argued that Asian Americans are perhaps “the most legally discriminated against group in the U.S.”    On the surface and simply understood, it might just mean that Asian Americans have been the “most mistreated.”  This statement is much deeper.  After having read the history of AAPIs, seen the legal cases and laws constructed against AAPIs, develop an essay that either supports or rejects Professor Chan’s thesis.  Before you can do this, however, you must deconstruct and explain what “the most legally discriminated against” group means.  (It doesn’t have to be what Dr. Chan means, but how you would offer an analysis of what this might mean.)

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Political Orientation Get Solution Now
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