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Complete part A and part B of each assignment and submit both parts together in a single Word document, uploaded into the SafeAssign link above.Part A: Current EventsChoose ONE of the current events articles below.University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. (2010, September 16). ScienceDaily.Weaver, J. (2013). Sesame street provides lessons about natural brain development in children. Plos Biology, 11(1), 1.Schweizerischer Nationalfonds zur Foerderung der wissenschaftlichen Forschung. (2013, March28)  Child development: Early walker or late walker of little consequence.ScienceDaily.Complete the following.Summarize the main findings.Provide an idea for a logical follow-up studyApply the knowledge gained from this study into practical advice tips for parents and educators. The more thorough and detailed your response, the morepoints you will earn.Assignment should be a minimum of one typed (12 font, double spaced) page with 1” margins.Part B: Original WorksChoose ONE of the “original works” papers by a leading scientist below.Gibson, E. J., & Walk, R. D. (1960). The “visual cliff”. Scientific American, 202, 67–71.Vance, D. E., Kaur, J., Fazeli, P. L., Talley, M. H., Yuen, H. K., Kitchin, B., & Lin, F. (2012) and successful cognitive aging: A brief overview for nursing.  The Journal of Neuroscience Nursing: Journal of the American Association of Neuroscience Nurses, 44(4).Complete the following.In your own words, summarize the major research findings discussed, and/or the theory proposed by the Psychologist.  If your chosen work only containstheory and no research, then you are only responsible for presenting information regarding the theoretical perspective discussed.Include an analysis of why you believe this scientist made a landmark contribution to the field of Developmental Psychology.  Be sure to use specifics from the original works article to support your response, and refer to those by page number.The response should be a minimum of one typed (12 font, double spaced) page with 1” margins.

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