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In preparation for this assignment watch one of the following movies:Boys Don’t CryPreciousBlack SwanFor Colored Girls- Janet Jackson’s CharacterSelect a character from the movie for which you can make a strong case for a DSM 5 diagnosis.Prepare a 1,250-1,750-word paper in which you evaluate your selected character. As a part of your evaluation, please include the following components (each component should be a sub header within your paper):Background InformationSummarize your character’s demographic information; individual, family, cultural and social history; mental health history; and alcohol and drug use.SymptomsDescribe the symptoms demonstrated by the character.Clinical ConcernsEvaluate the clinical concerns associated with the character.Cultural Assessment and ImplicationsExamine cultural assessments and implications of the character.Preliminary DiagnosisExplain how the character’s symptoms do or do not meet diagnostic criteria.Make a preliminary diagnosis of the character.Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

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Character Assessment Get Solution Now
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