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Contemporary Public Policy Paper Assignment Overview For your final assignment, you will examine the rapidity of change in our contemporary society and what happens when a public policy outlives its original intent. You will analyze the theory of Social Construction of Reality and how public policy is influenced by societal, political, and economic factors. You will choose an existing public policy and conduct an evaluation of that policy. The evaluation will be done in the form of a 10–12 page research paper that can be written in one of two options. Choose one option. Assignment Options Option 1: Pivotal Events in Contemporary Society Think of a public policy that has changed in contemporary society after a pivotal event. Examples: Pearl Harbor attack. Oklahoma City bombing. World Trade Center attacks. What was the impact of this event? How did it change societal structure? How did it affect public policy? Examine both the societal structure and the impact on public policy. Elaborate on ethical considerations. Assignment Instructions Along with the overarching ideas from the option you choose, be sure to address the following in your research paper: Explain the evolution of the public policy in society. Use the Theory of Social Construction of Reality to explain how organizational structure and environment impact public policy. Analyze how societal factors drove the evolution of the public policy. Evaluate the structure and purpose of the public policy. Evaluate the challenges that the federalist structure of the United States governmental system presents for the public policy. Recommend changes or modifications to the public policy based on the analysis of its evolution.

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World Trade Center Attack Get Solution Now
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