What Is Coaching? Get Solution Now

1. Coaching What is meant by coaching? What effect can coaching have? 2. Self-insight What does it mean to have self-insight? Explain your experience of developing self-insight and / or your desire to develop self-insight. Use theory from syllabus books, feel free to add other literature, own experiences and examples. Make a discussion. You are free to write the assignment. Criteria for the assessment will be: Ability to provide a neat overview (“red thread”) of the subject and its central learning points. Ability to present relevant theory and concepts, and link this with own experiences, own challenges and opportunities, discuss and reflect on this. Ability to be critical of one’s own reasoning and to find support for one’s argument. Ability to present the material in an orderly and clear way, use of language, models and figures.

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What Is Coaching? Get Solution Now
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