The Launching Of New Coke Get Solution Now

M1 Discussion – A Historical Case Study: New Coke Below are two weblinks that provide information about one of the most significant research debacles ever observed in marketing: the launching of New Coke. Until the recent launch of Coke2, this was the only major change in Coke since its inception. It seemed like a good idea at the time Retrieved at  Knew Coke: Was the ‘New Coke’ fiasco really a clever marketing ploy? Retrieved at   First review these sources and the principles of good research provided in the Instructor Commentary. Then let’s discuss: 1) What went wrong with this major research effort?  2) What Good Principles of Research were broken? 3) What should Coke have done differently regarding this research? 4) Have they recovered? How would “recovery” be measured? Remember to focus on the marketing research NOT marketing strategy in your posts. These two parts of marketing are not the same, but many students seem to confuse them. Be sure to use concrete examples and supporting evidence to help others understand more clearly the points you are making in your posts.

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The Launching Of New Coke Get Solution Now
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