Technological determinism Get Solution Now

1 page per research summary single spaced, APA citation format. You will summarize one piece of (peer-reviewed) scholarship related to the questions prompt. This does not need to be elegant prose, but rather a distillation of the content that you’re presenting. Prompt:  Technological Determinism Is Tinder the beginning of the dating apocalypse?  How do the authors view the relationship between tech and society in different ways? Does Sales overreact to or overemphasize technology? On the other hand, is Hess too dismissive of technology’s influence? (peer-reviewed) scholar source: Timmermans, E., & Courtois, C. (2018). From swiping to casual sex and/or committed relationships: Exploring the experiences of Tinder users. Information Society, 34(2), 59–70.

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Technological determinism Get Solution Now
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