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The topic for this discussion will be “Teaching Twain” and the discussion can be linked to content in Chapter 4. The purpose of this discussion is to develop a greater understanding of the powerful nature of words. This is one of the more challenging discussion forums to partake in because we juggle many different values as we attempt to decide in what context, if any, the inclusion of the “N-word” is acceptable. Read Chapters 3 and 4. Review the excerpt shared below. Address the following questions: What meaning does the N-word carry for you? Does it seem appropriate to use it in a scholarly discussion? How do you feel about it being printed (or not printed) in this textbook? Does avoiding printing or saying the word give it more or less power? If an instructor chose to use the word in class, how might he or she do so in a way that would be sensitive to students? Can students investigate the word’s meaning and history without using it? What is your opinion on the new edition? Are the editorial changes sensitive and helpful, or do they sanitize history? Remember…  The initial post must be 500 words for full credit, and each reply must be 150 words and include a question for the discussion post author. You must incorporate two textbook concepts in the initial post, using APA formatted in-text citations. You must cite at least one outside scholarly source–ebook, journal article, film, etc. and cite in APA format. At the bottom of your post, add complete written citations for the textbook and outside source at the bottom of your post.

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Teaching Twain Get Solution Now
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