Nutritional Analysis Of Meals Get Solution Now

Lipids and Protein Design a Meal Create a healthy and unhealthy meal from a specific fast food restaurant; make sure to include an entrée, side, drink and dessert. Nutritional Analysis Write a nutritional analysis of the meal you have created (include macronutrients, key vitamins, minerals and any other nutrient worth mentioning); make sure to touch on the major macronutrients like carbs, protein and fat but also include sugar, fiber, sodium, cholesterol and any vitamin and minerals your meals may have. Reflection Discuss your reaction to the analysis for each meal; what did you think about each meal? What surprised you with regard to the nutrient levels/amounts? In this section, it is imperative that you compare the nutrient levels to the standard RDA’s and make comments such as “in the unhealthy meal, 40% of the total calories come from fat and considering the diet is only supposed to contain between 20-30% fat for the entire day, this meal is quite unhealthy”. Make sure to do this for both meals. Critical Thinking How will the above information (the details from the analysis) affect your future food choices? Will you still go to the restaurant; will you change what you will eat; what steps will you take with regard to your health in light of the details you examined from the analysis?

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Nutritional Analysis Of Meals Get Solution Now
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