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Object and Criteria Write a narrative essay about something that happened to you, to somebody else, or about something you saw or read.  Remember, to write a narrative means to write a story, and this means you cover the events in time sequence (first to last).  Though your last essay (the descriptive essay) could have been about a person, place, object, or event, a narrative essay is always about something that happened: events, actions, incidents.  Also, know that even though you are writing a story, it needs to be in essay form:  You must have an introduction with a thesis statement (your main point, i.e. what the essay as a whole is about), body paragraphs that begin with topic sentences that relate directly to your thesis and are supported, detailed, and explained in the body paragraph, and a conclusion that unifies the essay and reminds the reader of your thesis or main point.  Use exact, precise, descriptive language, just like the last essay: you don’t just tell a story, you show it.  Please do your utmost to be clear and interesting.  Also, make sure you stay in order and pick a topic that is not too large given your length requirements.  And remember, to get to the point of your narrative (your thesis), ask yourself questions like these: What did I learn?  What is the meaning of the story I’m telling?  What is my attitude toward what happened?  Did it change me?  What emotions did it make me feel?  Was the experience a good example of something (such as kindness, generosity, unfairness, justice, love, hatred, or some other quality

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