Infant And Toddler Development Get Solution Now

Directions: Reflect on the assigned reading and answer each question below. Your answers should be detailed; a simple one-sentence reply will not suffice. Number your answers and present them in separate paragraphs. Do not retype the questions. At a minimum, your post must be at least 500 words. Oversharing is encouraged! It is strongly suggested that you type your answers in Microsoft Word and then copy and paste your work into the message box to avoid issues with capitalization, grammar, punctuation, and spelling. Most importantly, please review the “Discussion Forum Rubric” so you know exactly what is expected. Click on “reply” in the bottom right corner to post your answers. Questions: 1. Choose one of the following “lesser-known” infant development theories described in our text: a. Core Knowledge Theory (cognitive development) b. Perception Mapping Theory (language development) c. Learning to Move Theory (motor development) 2. Answer the following questions: a. What is the name of the theorist who proposed the theory? b. What are the basic ideas of the theory? c. What are the relevant key terms or components of the theory? d. How would a parent or teacher encourage development using this theory (describe what a parent could do at home or what a teacher could do in a classroom)?

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Infant And Toddler Development Get Solution Now
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