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As you have discovered in this week’s material, to be successful in Human Resources Management it is important for an employer and/or HR specialist to understand and analyze the impact of external environmental factors on an organization. With this discussion you are required to analyze two of those external factors on a specific industry, fruit and vegetable farming. This industry must rely on seasonal i.e. April – October employees. Our economy also depends upon the picking of fruits and vegetables getting done. Did you know that we export over 50% of locally grown fruits and vegetables but, of course, much of the produce goes into our own food supply chain i.e. grocery stores. Without it getting done, food costs will rise, farms may fail (leading to an increase in Employment Insurance usage), etc. Seasonal Fruit and vegetable pickers are classified as Harvesters. A big problem is getting enough workers to harvest these crops. More than 40% of the seasonal workers come from other countries and are classified as temporary foreign workers. That leaves 60% being domestic (Canadian citizen) workers. Yet the average age of these domestic workers is 40; shocking right? Especially when you consider it is a very physically demanding job. Now use your good critical thinking skills to answer the following two questions, from an HR practices/impact perspective. What can these employers do to attract more Gen Z (aged 15 – 23) domestic workers? Provide and explain two suggestions ensuring that they are relevant to this specific generation.   What might be the impact on these farm owners and their HR practices if the U.S. places higher tariffs on our exported fruit and vegetables?

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