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Your essay must be structure into three separate paragraphs  An Introduction that  discusses  the  bibliographic  details  of  the  source.    Answer  these  questions in your introduction: What source did you choose? Who wrote the source?  When did s/he write it?  What kind of document is it?  Why was it written? A Body paragraph that  analyzes  the  source  and  discusses  its  contents.    Answer  these questions in your body paragraph:  What does the source say? What is the main point being made by the author of the source? What evidence does the author present to prove their point? What is the one sentence in the source that summarizes the main point being made? A Conclusion that explains how the source fits into the larger context of world history as discussed  in  the  chapters  assigned  for  the  Unit.     Answer  these  questions  in  your conclusion:  What was happening in world history that directly relates to this source at the time it was written? Who were the important people  involved in the events discussed in the source?  What were the important events that prompted the writing of the source?  Etc. How does knowing the historical information from the textbook (Who? What? When?) help me better understand the point being made in the source? How  does the  information  from  the  source help me better  understand  the historical information presented in the textbook?  Note the following requirements: The body paragraph must include a full quote (sentence) from your chosen Primary Source.  In text and works citations are required. The conclusion must summarize the historical information in the textbook that relates to time of source.  Specific points made in the textbook must be referenced. Citations (in text and works cited following MLA formatting style) are required.) 3-paragraph essay (min: 300 words):  Choose one source from one of the categories listed below for your Essay post.  Make sure the subject line of your essay lists both the category number and the source number. Explanatory note: Some of these sources are dated in the 17th and 18th centuries.  What they describe however fits the pattern of what was happening in the 16th century and should be interpreted as authentic records of both the Exploration of the Americas and of the Slave Trade.  Category 1: European Exploration of the Americas  An Aztec account of the Conquest of Mexico at

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European Exploration Of The Americas Get Solution Now
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