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For each of following engineering problems noted below answer the following questions- What engineering solution was applied to address this problem? What type of cleaner production strategy (e.g. input substitution) is this engineering solution? ho What are the economic and environmental benefits of the application of these strategies? The engineering production problems are as follows: Loss of concentrates through wind-induced airborne emissions at Newmont Australias underground zinc/copper mines and processing plant at Golden Grove, WA. At these plants A$70,000 per annum has to be spent on operating the on-site landfill for wet waste. Technological inefficiencies associated with Alcoa’s Pinjarra alumina plant. Part B From the experience of implementing an EMS in a Cable Manufacturing Company in Tema, Ghana, answer the following questions What are some environmental benefits from the implementation of IS014001 across Ghana’s industries to adopt this guideline? What are the key drivers of this ISO 14001 EMS Certification? Which one is the most powerful driver and why?

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Engineering Problems Get Solution Now
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