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Assignment: Module 1 discusses some very important economic principles that you should remember and use the rest of the semester. These principles help explain some very important concepts in Economics. One of the principles is that people respond to incentive. Some assumptions in Economics are that people will make decisions strategically, human behavior is not random and people adjust at the margin. Another principle in Economics is scarcity. We live in a world of scarcity. People have unlimited wants but the resources available to them are limited. For any decision we make there is an opportunity cost.  Consider everything you read in Module 1.  Answer the following questions in a short essay (approximately 600 words or more – no less).   What kind of incentive do you have to get a degree?   What do you need to do to get a good grade and what is the opportunity cost? Do you need good grades? Why do we need jobs? What incentive do you think people receive from jobs? What kind of objectives are people with jobs trying to achieve? Also, making decisions implies having an opportunity cost. What must these people give up in order to get/keep a job?   Making the decision of getting a job requires trading off goals. What kind of trade off do they face?   Be aware that plagiarism (copying from other papers, Wikipedia, books, articles, and any source that is not your own original work) will result in a zero.  However, I encourage you to research and properly cite credible sources to support your paper.  I am expecting that this essay follows the standard format of Intro, Detail and Summary.  Remember, when expressing your opinion, it should be supported by fact and using the text as a source is perfectly fine.

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Economics Essay Get Solution Now
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