Difference Between The Civil Law And Criminal Law Get Solution Now

There ought to be a law.. Write a 2 page paper that finishes the statement “There should be a law..” Please explain the following: – your new law -what is standing and who would have standing to sue under your law? -what jurisdiction? What court would have jurisdiction? What kind and why? -What would be the punishment for violation of your law? (i.e. Civil Damages v. Criminal Punishment) What is the difference between the Civil law and Criminal Law? Expectations: -Define and Demonstrate course knowledge and understanding of the above subjects -A minimum of 2 full pages of explanation -Double spaced, 12 point font, using Arial or Times New Roman with 1in margins.  Points of concentration: +Demonstrate knowledge on: Standing, Jurisdiction, Civil Law v. Criminal Law. +Application of concepts on: apply the concept of standing to your law, apply the concept of jurisdiction to your law, and apply the concept of Civil Law v. Criminal Law. +How well is your new law explained. +Demonstrate proper grammar, form and spelling.  Notes: Use Michigan Law concepts, New law would be implemented in Michigan or Nationwide. Booked used for class is Business Law Text and Cases (ISBN: 9780357700037). Paper will be put through turnitin.com.

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Difference Between The Civil Law And Criminal Law Get Solution Now
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