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Address the following in a 3- to 4-page academic essay that demonstrates your critical-thinking skills. It should be written for an audience of employers who are looking to expand their business overseas where labor costs are less than in the U.S. As an ethics expert, you have been asked to address the following: Should a company advocate for labor rights, a minimum wage, and unionization in developing countries where it has operations? What right does a Western company have to insist that its foreign contractors observe in their factories the protocols required in the West? What ethical responsibilities do individual consumers have when dealing with companies that rely on overseas labor? Should businesses adopt universal workplace standards about working conditions and employee protections? Why or why not? This assignment should include third-person voice. Write a well-integrated paper with a strong introduction and conclusion, and use a few section headings (e.g., do not simply follow a Q & A format). Bring in your Module background information. Whether or not you bring in sources outside of this Module is up to you. For all sources used, provide in-text citations and a references list. General References Useful for Preparing Graduate-Level Papers: For a list of general reference sources related to locating library sources, using APA formatting, applying critical-thinking skills, and so forth, see General References Useful for Preparing Graduate-Level Papers. It is not required that you read these sources page-by-page, but rather you use them as guides. ******Links below are provided for assignment  This Case Assignment for this module looks at an update of Nike and the ongoing issue of sweatshops. The case is found in: Byars, S., & Stanberry, K. (2018). Impact of culture and time on business ethics, chapter 5. Business Ethics. Rice University, OpenStax. Retrieved from p. 138. CC BY 4.0 license

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Critical Thinking Skills Get Solution Now
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