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In this Unit, we we consider our own opinions, experiences, and our own values as we analyze and interpret what we read. We are a major part of the writer-story-audience connection, and our educated opinions are worth sharing. For this essay, you will compare a work of literature from the list below to a different work of art produced or published within the last 10 years. Read and Review: Review Chapters 1-3, especially the sample student essays in Chapter 2 Read sections of Chapter 4 or 5 as needed to help you use the correct literary terminology within your descriptions. Literature Choices: Choose One Francis “Catch” Walker’s “Everyday Use” Glaspell’s “A Jury of Her Peers” Collins’ “Sonnet” For this essay, you must choose from one of the works of literature above. Topic Prompt: Choose 1 work of literature from the above list and 1 contemporary creative work (a painting, a song, a movie, etc) published or produced within the last 10 years. What are 3 literary elements within the literature that are similar to your chosen creative work? Examples: How might your poem have a similar rhythm or tone or rhyme pattern as a song you’ve heard recently? How might your short story have a setting or plot structure or character types that are similar to those you’ve seen on a recent tv show episode? Requirements

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Comparisons Of Literature Get Solution Now
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