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Reading Reflections  An important part of becoming responsible writers and researchers in the humanities and other fields is having the ability to engage directly with other secondary texts. Therefore, throughout the semester, you will complete 3 reading reflections. In each reflection, you will select at least two texts from that week’s course readings and think critically about each of them and how they work together (or don’t). Each reading reflection should include your answers to at least two of the following questions:  1. What about each of these texts was convincing to you?  2. What about each of these texts did you find unconvincing?  3. In what ways did the author(s)’ use of evidence contribute (or not) to their arguments?  4. How do the texts you chose work together as a grouping (or not)?  5. In what ways would you expand the authors’ arguments? 6. How did these texts expand your knowledge?

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