Autism Spectrum Disorder Get Solution Now

Do you think Harrison has Autism Spectrum Disorder? Yes No Why? Give reasons for why you chose the way you did. Consider the following factors in your reasons: Theory of Mind Harrison’s play behavior His parent’s separation here are the evidences so you can make decision : 1. the email conversation  Hey Jackie, Oh my goodness, what a week! I wish you were here, it’s been so upsetting. We got a referral to a psychologist from our family doctor and she came and tested Harrison and said he has autism! How ridiculous! I know a friend of a friend’s son who has autism, but he has some very challenging behaviors that are nothing like Harrison’s. Harrison is so shy and he does have some quirky habits, but he doesn’t have autism! He gets very clammed up when strangers are around and he was like that with the psychologist. I thought Harrison was just a late bloomer, but the doctor wanted to run a few other tests. I really didn’t think much more of it and I definitely didn’t think we’d be handed such a serious diagnosis. I’m so worried about what this means for Harrison. Anyways, I didn’t like this psychologist and so I’ve asked for a second opinion. Harrison is a little late with his speech development, but Eddie was the same. I even told them about the funny things Eddie used to do when he was little, imaginary friends, and all sorts! I told them that Eddie grew out of them and that Harrison would do the same, but they didn’t want to listen to what I thought. Other news, since the separation Dennis and I are trying to remain on civil terms, but we are both still so angry that we can hardly talk without fighting. I know the boys miss their Dad, but it is definitely better this way. We try to make sure that the impact on them is minimal, but it’s just so hard. I think perhaps Harrison has been affected by it more than Eddie and that explains a lot of his shyness and reluctance to socialize at daycare with new children. I’ll call you at the weekend to talk more and find out your news. Love Nell x x x 2. the interview with his brother  a.  what is it like having Harrison as your brother ?  Harrison is fun and I’m his favorite person! He doesn’t really like playing with people he doesn’t know. He’s shy. His favorite toys are cars. He doesn’t like racing them with me and hates it when I make loud vrooooooom noises. He likes to line them up when we are finished and he gets mad at me if I mess them up. b. Tell me more about what happens when u try to play with Harrison? Harrison doesn’t talk to or play with people he doesn’t know. He just pretends like he doesn’t hear them! He talks to me though! Harrison hates it when I shout or do anything loud. He gets real upset and yells. c. Do you think Harrison understands when you are feeling happy or feeling sad?  Yeah, but he doesn’t like it when you’re sad. I cut my finger yesterday and it was bleeding everywhere. I was crying because it hurt so much. Harrison saw then got upset, but then he just walked away back to his cars. 3. Harrison day care report : Name: Harrison Day: October 8, 2015 What he ate: (yogurt, blueberries, cheese sandwich) Harrison had the same lunch he eats every day and still refuses to eat any vegetables or try any other foods. Play: Harrison is still not playing with the other children, I’m sure this will come with time. He seemed happily occupied with his cars which have been brought in from home. He has been more settled at daycare since having the cars. Harrison got very upset when the fire alarm went off in the building and it took us a long time to calm him down afterwards. Other notes: Harrison is still very new at daycare and settling in is taking him a little while. He seems to be more comfortable than last week, though still very shy. He has taken a shine to one of our workers, Louise, so she is spending more time with him to try to help him settle and join in. 4. interview with baby-sitter: a. describe your afternoon babysitting Harrison and Eddie? Harrison doesn’t really like it when his mom goes out. He gets quite upset. He’s better now than he used to be, now that he knows me a bit more. But it’s taken a while for him to trust me. Harrison doesn’t really want me to play with him. I mean he’s happy playing with his cars and his brother. Sometimes he’ll come and sit on the sofa while Eddie and I read a book. b. what is like when u talk to Harrison? Harrison doesn’t really talk very much. He does seem to understand though. I hear him talking to his brother and Mom sometimes – he’s just a quiet, very shy kid. c. How is Harrison’s eye contact?  Harrison won’t hold eye contact for very long and he’s always holding his head down when you try and take a picture. He’s the complete opposite of Eddie who’s always posing for the camera! 5. Sally Anne Test :  Evergreen Center for Psychological Evaluation Patient’s Name: Harrison Lowe Age: Four Sex: Male Referral date: July 1, 2015 Test administered by: Doctor Juan Damingo Date tested: August 11, 2015 Test description: Sally Anne Test Behavioral observation: Following the conclusion of the Sally Anne Test, doctor Damingo asked Harrison, “After Sally returns, where will she look for her marble?” Harrison correctly answered, “in her own basket,” accurately depicting comprehension of Sally’s perspective and demonstrating theory of mind. Results: Pass (checked) Fail This document is confidential.

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