What Is Philosophy?   Get Solution Now

In your Journal, answer the following questions after reading the Introduction in Ethics A-Level. Use complete sentences in your answers and do not copy or quote. No bulleted answers. Assume your reader has never heard any of this before. A copy of the reading has been uploaded for your review.  1. How would you explain what philosophy is to someone?  2. Do you think philosophy is important? If yes, why? If no, why?  3. List some ethical questions.  4. Can you figure out if your questions are Normative, Applied, or Metaethical?  5. Is there a link be between Applied, Normative and Metaethics? Which type of ethics do you think it would be best to study first, and which last?  6. What is the difference between prudential and moral reasons?  7. What is meant by the “is/ought” gap? Why is it important to remember when discussing ethical questions?  8. What role, if any, does science have in ethical arguments?  9. What are thought experiments? Why might they be useful to philosophers?  10. “Because there are so many different views on moral issues there cannot be any moral truth”. What do you think of this line of argument?

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What Is Philosophy?   Get Solution Now
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