Strategic Alignment Of Enterprise Systems Get Solution Now

1.      Strategic Alignment of Enterprise systems…, Taskin et al 2014 Writing Assignment 1a   Write 150-300 words for each of the following questions. Submit the assignment through the assignment tab in a Word document. Note: include the answer to number four in both the writing assignment and the discussion board post. Your response to the other student will be graded separately within the discussion board.   1.      What distinguishes Bivariate from Systems Alignment? What area some application consideration or pro/cons of each? 2.      How does the author define flexibility and strategic flexibility? What is the impact of strategic flexibility on customer satisfaction? 3.      What is the impact of flexibility and alignment on business performance? 4.      What conclusions can you draw from this study that impact your work or profession? a.      Enter answer in discussion board as separate assignment b.      Respond to one other student’s post

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Strategic Alignment Of Enterprise Systems Get Solution Now
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