Science Poster Get Solution Now How to Design Your Nature of Science Poster What should be on my poster? Your poster should be split into 4 parts and look something like the example at the right. What should be covered in my Background section? This is where you want to grab our attention Describe this topic and make it interesting How many sources should I have and what should they be? You should have (at least) 4 sources – 1 for each panel of your poster At least one of your sources should contain data Briefly summarize each source (one or two sentences) Use your Baloney Detection Kit to decide if the source is a science source or a non-science source Cite each source at the bottom of its panel What should my Conclusion contain? Identify the topic as science, proto-science, non-science or pseudo-science Explain your choice using your Baloney Detection Kit Discuss any relevant cognitive biases How do I make a good poster? Review resources used in the reading assignment Once your poster is created, review this checklist or ask a classmate to review for you! Topics for Nature of Science Poster Animals detecting earthquakes   Applied Kinesiology   Aromatherapy   Biorhythms   Cell phones causing cancer   Cold fusion as an energy source   Himalayan salt lamps   Does Planet X exist?   Dousing for water   Ear candling   Feng Shui   Green coffee bean extract for weight loss   Hypnosis to quit smoking   Is yawning contagious?   Laundry Balls   Learning a foreign language in your sleep   Magnet Therapy   Ozone: Protector or Carcinogen?   Playing classical music to unborn children to enhance their intelligence   Polygraphy   Reflexology   Swearing reducing pain   The use of Graphology in court cases   Therapeutic Touch   Alkaline water

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