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Time to visit the NASA Picture of the Day website again! This is the APOD post 2 of 7 required for the course. Remember that every day NASA posts a different image or photograph of our amazing Universe. The picture is accompanied with a brief caption explanation written by a professional astronomer. For this class discussion you will begin by going to the NASA picture of the day website: (Links to an external site.) Browse through this past week’s images and find one that jumps out at you. Review the image and read the caption explanation below it. Do some quick Internet research to see what else you can find out about the image or caption explanation. Now, answer the following questions in your post:  Why were you drawn to this image?  Based on what you have learned in this class and your own Internet research, provide some facts and/or insights about the image. If you use Internet sources please include the URL for the webpage(s) in your post. Do not just paraphrase the caption description below the NASA image. I have listed some questions below that may help you get ideas on what to write. You do not have to answer all of these questions in your post. They are just here to help you generate ideas. How does this relate to the content that we have learned so far in this class? Do you have any personal experiences that you can share with the class related to this astronomy image? What are one or two things that you were surprised and/or happy to learn about the image? Why were you surprised and/or happy? Provide the URL/web address to the image you selected; you can copy and paste it directly from your browser.

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NASA Picture Get Solution Now
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