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HWK – Answer the following: (about 1 1/2page total) (10 points total). (Email your homework to me as an attached word file) Name your file Mod1Homework1 and be sure to get it to me by the due date.  You are to do this homework based on the associated readings for Mod1Reading1 – namely Bentham and Mill.  As this is your first homework I remind you that I am looking for a good faith effort, not perfection,  that you have done the readings and have a general idea of what they contain.  Remember to answer directly from the readings.  You are to complete the assignment on your own.  After the due date I will post the correct answers. Due Date -9/12  9 AM  What are the definitions for utilitarianism? (2 points) Name the 7 criteria that Bentham uses.  (2 points) How does Mill’s approach to ethics differ from Bentham’s criteria? Be specific and give examples. (2 points) What is Bentham’s famous slogan/quote? (1pt) What is Mill’s famous slogan/quote? (1pt) What 2 reasons does Mill give for unhappiness? (2pts)

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Health Care Ethics Get Solution Now
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