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Activity:   Health Behavior Interview Assignment Interview someone that you know that engages in a negative health behavior. Examples of some negative health behaviors include, but are not limited to: tobacco use, eating fast food regularly, speeding, poor sleep habits, not wearing helmet on bike/scooter, not eating vegetables. Try to learn as much as possible about their engagement in this behavior. After you complete your interview, use the information that you collected to respond to this week’s discussion question. Be sensitive with your interview technique! The purpose of this exercise is NOT to make the individual feel guilty and/or stop them from doing this behavior! You are only trying to learn. Be respectful. Just ask, listen, and learn. IT IS IMPORTANT TO CHOOSE A TOPIC THAT IS NOT TOO SENSITIVE FOR THE INDIVIDUAL THAT YOU ARE INTERVIEWING. ADDITIONALLY, INTERVIEWEES SHOULD NOT BE PRESSURED TO ANSWER ANY QUESTIONS. THIS ASSIGNMENT SHOULD NOT CAUSE ANYONE DISTRESS. Below are some potential questions to guide your interview: Do they know that the behavior is bad for their health?   Do they know why the behavior is bad for their health?   Have they experienced anything negative from engaging in the behavior?  What?  Anything positive?  Do their friends or family also engage in the behavior?   Do their friends/ family influence their choice to do this behavior?  How?   Do they think that this behavior is normal….”everyone does it”? When did they start doing this behavior?   Have they ever considered stopping?   Why have they not?   Are they breaking the law by doing this behavior? If so, are they scared of getting caught? Would getting caught stop them from doing the behavior? If their behavior involves substance use (tobacco, alcohol, illegal drugs), how easy is it to access the substance? Is their behavior costly? What would it take for them to stop doing the behavior? Once you did the interview qestions, please only answer the question below after reasding the activity on top!!!! The question below is the ASSIGNMENT!!!! The activity on top is only to sshow you what it is about!!! why do they do what they do?  Using one of the individual health behavior theories discussed in the text (i.e., The Health Belief Model, The Theory of Planned Behavior, or The Transtheoretical Model), attempt to explain the health behavior of the individual you interviewed. Choose one theory that you can apply to their personal situation. Additionally, note what would need to change for this individual, according to your selected theory, in order for their behavior to change. Use book that is provided only no other sources please.

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Health Behavior Interview Assignment Get Solution Now
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