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The second Exploration Activity is a summary of your interview with an individual from a different ethnic background than yourself (non-Jewish). Again use the ADDRESSING model and the questions below to conduct your interview. Provide a summary of what you learned about the person in the interview.  Discuss insights you gained about this person and yourself. Identify any challenges you had relating to the person.  Refer to what you learned about your own world view in the first activity and contrast it with the world view and experiences of this individual.   If you were this person’s counselor what obstacles would you need to overcome to provide culturally competent counseling?  See syllabus for grading rubric Questions for self -exploration and interview: 1. When you were born, what were the social expectations for a person of your identity? 2. When you were a teenager, what were the norms, values, and gender roles supported within your family,  peers,  culture, and in the dominant culture? 3. How your view of the world shaped by the social movements of your teenage years? 4. When you were a young adult, what educational and occupational opportunities were available to you? And now? 5. What generational roles make up your core identity (e.g., auntie, father, adult child, grandparent)? 6. What experiences have you had related to racism and/or sexism? 7. Tell me about experiences you have had with discrimination. 8. Do you see yourself as being in position of power or privilege? In what ways? 9.Have you ever felt oppressed? Please give an example. 10. What impact do you believe that racism, discrimination sexism, power, privilege and oppression have had on your life and your career?

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Effects Of Culture Get Solution Now
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