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How: You must follow these guidelines in order to receive full credit for the assignment. Make sure to reference the textbook. Also, make your references to the textbook obvious. For example-According the the text, “….” You include specific examples from your life as evidence for the claim (or position) you are taking. Please make sure you answer all parts of the question clearly and do so by hitting the minimum word count of 160 (MWC 160) for each question. In your reply to your classmates, you must introduce an additional viewpoint or concept to carry their concept further. You are NOT to simply agree and restate what their original post said. You also must hit the minimum word count of 100. You will NOT be allowed to both post AND respond to a classmate on the same day. I am requiring that you carefully consider the discussion questions and the replies from your classmates. Think time must be incorporated. Steps: After you read the chapters, Click Reply, and respond. Have this done by Friday Sep. 11th at 11:59 p.m. You will not be able to see anyone else’s posts until you have made your first post. Your first post is also the one that will be graded. After you post, read your classmates posts and respond appropriately to further the discussion. You need to respond to at least 1 other student. If you have an opposing viewpoint, please respectfully refute with specific information. Your response is due by Tuesday Sep 15th at 11:59 p.m. Your posts and replies should reflect college level work. Please pay careful attention to syntax and grammar. Your post should answer all the questions I pose below from the chapters assigned. Make your answers visually clear and easy to identify. For example (This is an example, NOT your questions.) Chapter 1- What types of relationships/interactions with people you have on a daily basis would you consider to be I-It relationships? Answer What do those interactions look like? Answer What factors contribute to that person being treated that way? Answer Do you think it is appropriate? Answer Chapter 2- What can you do to improve your self-concept? Answer How does your on-line persona relate to your self-concept? Answer What suggestions do you have for maintaining your on-line persona? Answer You will be graded on how well your posts meet the grading rubric for class discussions. To view the rubric, click the options icon (3 vertical dots) above, and choose Show Rubric.   Chapter 3 Discussion Item: (MWC 160) What is Uncertainty Reduction Theory and which situations do you think you would go through the strategies to reduce your uncertainty? Which strategy do you think you incorporate the most and why? Chapter 4 Discussion Item: (MWC 160) Which anger management strategy would you say you use the most? Which strategy for managing anger do you think would work best for you (additional strategies found on pg. 82)? Chapter 6 Discussion Item: (MWC 160) Which (of the four) is your listening style? Is that the style you want to be? If so, why? If not, which would you like to be and why? I have a kindle account. I have the book on the kindle app.

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