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Goal:  Robert Mapplethorpe  – specific with color flowers. 1. Research an inspiration of color photography 2. Creating and presenting a concise and engaging public presentation.  3. Inspiring your peers. Description   You will researching a color photographer is to study other photographer images.  1/ Why you choose this Photographer. What you find inspiring about their work. What relationship do their photographs have to your own images?  2/ A couples of interesting facts about this photographer. When and Where they were born is only interesting if you relate to their images. Take the time to find articles about them or interviews with them to get some deeper insight into their background and approach to photography. 3/ Any technical, conceptual, contextual aspects of your photographer’s “Signature Style”. 4/ Include 5 images as example of your chosen photographer.  PLEASE each this 5 images include some highlights or bullet points to discuss Each images individually as a way to give more insight into your photographer and to tie in the previous questions.  Really important to Be Specific in your discussion of each this 5 images about their Technical and Aesthetic choices – Important about do they take bold, high contrast images or subtle, softer, lower contrast images? Do they use shallow or great depth of field to organize their frame? Do they use line, shape, texture or repetition to organize and move the eye around the photo? How do these choices support their content, narrative and mood? What are their photos about ? Are they personal, political or commercial? What mood do they evoke – funny, happy, melancholy, introspective , fantasy?

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Color Photography Get Solution Now
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