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Case Scenario You are the president of a community college. You receive a letter from the president of the nearest state university, the major transfer institution for your students. The letter informs you that, because of state funding reductions, the university will be limiting the number of transfer students it admits so that it can preserve seats for deserving freshmen. In addition, the grade point average for students transferring from community coleges will be increased from 2.75 to 3.25 beginning next fall semester.  Evaluate the scenario, explaining how you would address the situation if you were the leader of the organization affected by the situation. What issues does the scenario create? Who should be involved in addressing the situation? What actions will you take? You will need to use the information discussed in class as well as find other resources to support the effectiveness and feasibility of your proposal—using references to cite how other leaders/institutions have/have not been successful in similar situations. Your response should consist of a 2-3-page, APA style paper. It is expected that you cite at least 3 references. See rubric for details.

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Case Scenario Get Solution Now
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