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iscussion Questions 1. Look through recent magazines and newspapers and identify one leader who seems to illustrate the ‘‘leader-as-hero’’ mindset and one who seems more typical of the humble Level 5 leader described in the text. Describe their differing characteristics. Which was easier to find? 2. What do you consider your own strengths and weaknesses for leadership? Discuss your answer with another student. 3. Of the elements in the leadership definition as illustrated in Exhibit1.1, which is the easiest for you? Which is hardest? Explain.  4. How might the paradigm shift from competition to collaboration make the job of a leader more difficult? Could it also make the leader’s job easier? Discuss.  5. Describe the best leader you have known. How did this leader acquire his or her capability? 6. Why do you think there are so few people who succeed at both management and leader- ship? Is it reasonable to believe someone can be good at both? Discuss. 7. Discuss some recent events and societal changes that might have contributed to a shift ‘‘from hero to humble.’’ Do you agree or disagree that humility is important for good leadership? 8. ‘‘Leadership is more concerned with people than is management.” Do you agree? Discuss. 9. What personal capacities should a person develop to be a good leader versus those developed to be a good manager? 10. Why is leadership considered both an art and a science?   Answers to each textbook discussion questions should be at least 4-5 sentences in strength. Use the textbook to support each answer include citations. Must use at least 1 source. If the course is found outside of the book then you must include a work sided page. Provide justification for all questions

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