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Prompt: What were the Articles of confederation and why did it fail? List three (3) reasons why the Articles of confederation failed and explain how these failures were addressed in the US Constitution following the dissolvent of the AOC. Questions to answer in your paper: What were the conditions that led to this particular document being written? (what kind of government did they want to create and did it succeed?) What were the fundamental ideals expressed in the AOC? Why was it written this way? What did the failure of the AOC teach the founding fathers when drafting the US constitution? What changes were made in the US Constitution to reflect these failings? (Use examples and explain). Students will be expected to write 1000-1200 words (roughly 4-5 pages body section) to address these prompts. Writing less than the minimum word requirement will reduce your final grade by one full letter grade. You will have no less than Five (5) sources cited in your paper. Include a bibliography of all the sources used, and make footnotes after each quote used to cite them. Don’t make it look too professional, use 5 quotes from any academic or primary source, and then use 5 quotes from my text book linked here:

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Articles Of Confederation Get Solution Now
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