Texas Constitution

Texas ConstitutionPurpose: the purpose of this assignment includes the following:•?To explain the purpose and effect of the Texas Constitution in relation to the U.S. Constitution.•?To demonstrate the ability to assemble a well-organized paper that is clear and mechanically sound.•?To develop communication skills that will help you write persuasively in the future.Your Texas Constitution/Communication Skills portion of Exam One will require you to submit a typed essay describing your perspective on the Texas Constitution’s relevance.Below is the topic:As do residents of all states, Texans live under the protections of the U.S. Constitution that both empowers and limits government. Texas also has a state constitution that defines and limits government powers.Overall questions to consider: Does the State of Texas actually need its own constitution in addition to the U.S. Constitution? Does the Texas Constitution affect our lives differently from how the U.S. Constitution does to make the state document necessary?There is outside help available for this assignment:Library staff have created a guide to assist you in this process. You can access the guide specific to the GOVT 2306 common assignment here: [forthcoming]If you wish to find guides for other courses, click here: Directory of Course LibGuides

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Texas Constitution
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