Gaslight by Patrick Hamilton

You must read the play(angle street act 1-3) and watch the film Gaslight in order to fully answer two prompts. I’m looking for a 600-750 words paper. Do not over 750 words. Must have a quality response. Below are more details. also, see the attachment for the play.Movie link: to prompt your response:1. Consider the themes, setting, and characters in Angel Street / Gaslight. Themes and issues likegender roles, domestic violence, and gaslighting (political and domestic) are still being discussed by people today, both nationally and internationally. What examples of themes from the play/film do you see reflected in current world events? How do the portrayals of the characters in the 1880s/Victorian era (when the play is set) and/or in the 1930s (when Patrick Hamilton wrote the play) and/or in 1944 (when George Cukor directed the film) compare to the current discourse on the topic of “gaslighting” as psychological manipulation? How has the way we see this concept or idea changed from the 1880s to the present day? How is it similar? Consider using quotes from the play and a news source or sources.2. In terms of genre, Angel Street / Gaslight is billed as “A Victorian Thriller.” What discursive techniques were used in the play and in the film in order to create suspense? Was one version more suspenseful than the other? If so, what elements worked to create this sense of suspense? What scenes or moments felt most suspenseful? How did the melodramatic elements increase or decrease the level of suspense for you? What would you do you think could have made the production more suspenseful?Please type your responses in MLA format. Limit your total response to ~750 words maximum (approx. three pages of properly-formatted MLA text). Include a Works Cited page (you will list the play and the film at minimum). Note: in the length required you may not be able to respond fully to every element in both prompts. Let the prompts guide you to offer a quality response, while also being concise.

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Gaslight by Patrick Hamilton
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