The Midshipman’s Dilemma

Read The Midshipman’s Dilemma The Midshipman is short and to the point. It may help to diagram the actions of the involved actors.  Be sure to use proper in-text citations (quotes require page numbers, paraphrasing does not).  Use this link to sort out in-text citations and how to create an APA formatted reference The citations and references are included on the syllabus as well.  The ASSIGNMENT: Create 250-500 words or about 3-5 paragraphs of well-written and well-cited text. (5 points) Summarize the case: Who are the actors, how are the actors involved, what is the ethical dilemma, and what is at stake, or what is the ethical dilemma? (5 points) Provide a solution (you can draw on the end of case questions to formulate your proposed solution). (5-points) Think about a time that you may have been confronted with similar circumstances as the Midshipman, what happened and how did you resolve the dilemma? (2.5 points) Describe the managerial implications–this is the “why does this matter as a manager statement” (2.5 Points)

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The Midshipman’s Dilemma
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