The Communist Battle

First Video: Second Video: 1. What historical factors helped lead to the emergence of a Communist China under Mao? 2. Why was a North Korean victory in the Korean War so important to Mao? Was it Ideological? Tactical? Both? Explain. 3. What tactical advantages did the Americans have over the Chinese in the Korean War? What advantages did the Chinese have over Americans? 4. Why was General Peng upset with Communist Party Leadership? 5. How were Chinese POWs “shamed” and why did the captors do this? 6. What was Stalin’s interest in the War? Were Chinese relations with the Soviets stronger under Stalin or Khrushchev? Why?7. Explain the significance of the Geneva Accord and the Tet Offensive. Were either successful? For who? 8. What parallels exist between the Vietnamese and Korean Wars? 9. What did Mao mean when he said “The enemy of my enemy is my friend” and what event helped harmonize relations between China and the U.S. after years of hot and cold wars? 10. Now that you have some insight into some of the most important battles in 20th century history, do you believe the clashes are economic in nature? That is, a Communist vs. Capitalist agenda or are they more a clash of culture such as religion or morality? Are they simply political power grabs by a handful of leaders or are they, rather, a combination of all of these? Which countries or ideologies do you believe had the greatest moral high ground in their battles; that is, which battles were most justified from your perspective? Do you think wars are ever justified? If so, should they be fought over economics, politics, or culture? Finally, have these battles ended or are we headed for future tumult; will it be a Communist vs. Capitalist battle or something else?

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The Communist Battle
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