Informative Speech

Hello, this is a homework assignment for speech.  —-I have selected 3 topics (question #1), but need assistance with questions #2-5. —-Also, please assist with my wording of the topics I selected (my answers for question #1). —-A cover is not needed.Here are the instructions from the professor.Learning Objectives: Write general purpose, specific purpose, and thesis statements.Assignment: Identify a global topic or issue about which you would like to present your informative speech. Then, complete the topic selections process using this template (you must use this complete template for 3 topics, I will choose from the 3 submitted):Identify selected topicA. Emergency PreparednessB. Youth Aging Out of Foster CareC. Homeownership Preservation forLow Income Families Write one sentence that explains why this topic is important or timelyState the General PurposeState the Specific PurposeWrite the thesis statement

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Informative Speech
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