Foucaultian Legal Theory

Analysing Michael Foucault and his theory of Power and Discourse. Content requirements: For these assignments, you will choose a week/theory, outline its key elements and debates, and assess its significance for socio-legal studies. What are the theory’s key components, what debates are internal to the theory (this may be more/less significant depending on the theory you choose), and what does it add to our understanding of the relationship between law and society? Pro Tip: Make sure your thesis statement answers the questions above! See attachments for the reading material and watch these videos: Lecture outline: Power Productive Performative Multiple Discourse Discursive regimes and apparatuses Materiality Relationship to power Power/knowledge Truth: capital ‘T’ Truth versus little ‘t’ truth Three types of power Sovereignty Disciplinary Biopower Racism Governmentality and liberalism Resistance

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Foucaultian Legal Theory
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