History of Sports

Please double-space your paper and use Times New Roman size 12.Use all the questions as a basis for an essay with an argument, evidence and conclusion.If you had been alive in the thirties and an Olympic-level athlete, would you have boycotted the1936 Berlin Games run by the Nazi party? Did the Games succeed in propagandizing the larger Nazi system to the rest of the world? What were its consequences? Did Jesse Owens’ success prove anything?Did the Olympic successes of the Soviet Union reflect the strengths of communism or mask its weaknesses? How successful was the USSR in sporting realms outside the Olympics? Is the state an appropriate organizer of sports? Was the Soviet Union the world’s greatest sporting nation?Compare the Nazi and Soviet sport systems. How were they similar, and how were they different?What were the historic obstacles facing women’ participation in sports?How did they struggle against this? Where were the successes, and what were the continuing obstacles? How important is the matter of gender to our broader understanding of the ways sports worked politically and culturally?How did both East and West Indians assimilate and perform the colonial/imperial British sport of cricket? Did the game teach local populations how to be “civilized”, or did it become a terrain of contestation and resistance?Did nationalism or communism propel the Chinese drive to succeed in international sports? What were its domestic consequences? What were its international consequences? Were the 2008 Games a “success”?

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History of Sports
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