Longview Redhot Summer- CPI Assignment

Career Pathway Initiative is our way of preparing the student to be successfully employed upon graduation. Therefore, we offer specific training and experiences in each of the disciplines taught at Wiley to give the student a glimpse of what is necessary in each field of study to become gainfully employed upon graduation. In this class we will look at the skills it takes to write scholarly historical articles for journals and presentations at historical conferences. Make sure that you start this assignment early as it takes time to complete the reading, writing and research. The assignment is due on October 30th and will not be accepted late. CPI Activity – 10% min of grade.  Read “Longview Red Hot Summer” which is linked to the module. Find another race riot that occurred in the  United States between 1919 and 1924 and compare and contrast the two. Be sure to use quotes from both sources and use what you have learned to write a three page double spaced reflective essay. Be sure to pay attention to where the information came from to construct this paper and make comments on these sources in your reflective essay.

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Longview Redhot Summer- CPI Assignment
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