Final for Addiction Studies

FINAL EXAMINATION SHORT ANSWER ESSAY INSTRUCTIONS: Your answer will need to include readings from the textbook, videos, information from course materials, group/class discussions, and panel presentations. You will need to incorporate something from each of these areas (not necessarily all for each concept) and cite the source. The final exam needs to be a double spaced 12 font computer generated paper.

MAXIMUM 10 PAGES. Reflect in a maximum of 10 pages or less, 10 concepts (please number each concept) gained from this course that are applicable to your future career endeavors and how these could improve the understanding of drug addiction treatment and/or prevention. If you write about neurotransmitters that is only one concept rather than mentioning each neurotransmitter. Ideas for concepts would be the chapters in the textbook and the course outline on the syllabus.

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Final for Addiction Studies
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1. Classification of psychoactive drugs A. Basic pharmacology B. Routes of administration C. Distribution, metabolism.  2. Nervous system anatomy  3. Psychostimulants  4.  Antagonists/Antabuse V. Mental disorders that collaborate with alcohol/drug addiction.   5. Psychopharmacotherapy  6. Neurotransmitters.  7. Psychotherapeutic Drugs  8. Special populations and Integration Child/Adolescent/Geriatric/ 9. Pharmacodynamics  10. Pharmacokinetics

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