Cattle Mutilations

Cattle mutilations Please note assignment has two separate questions and are to be answered as such. 1. Farm animals die all the time and in most of these incidents, there are clear and understandable reasons for this.  Old age, accidents, disease, attacks from other animals and a host of other causes are the normal reasons why cows, horses, sheep and every other farm animal goes from being alive to being dead.

Sad, but nothing mysterious. What happens to our perspective on the normal when things don’t happen the way that we expect them to?  In the case of Snippy the horse, however, death was apparently most unusual.  And, a bunch of later and seemingly similar gruesome animal deaths seemed to indicate that Snippy’s demise was not a singular event.

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For those alive at this time, there was an actual fear of what was happening to these poor animals and the national media became actively involved, as did the FBI and the federal government. But let’s ignore, for the purposes of this question, any logical or rational explanations that you might have come to agree with after reading the information in this unit and instead examine how these deaths made the move (in the mind of the scared public) from prosaic death and into the realm of truly mysterious and even diabolical.

In the information provided (or any outside sources that you may have looked at), how do you think that the evidence allowed for otherwise rationale individuals to conclude that aliens, black helicopters, cults or Satan worshippers were the actual instigators of these horrible events.

What I am basically asking if how we (meaning, those who bought into the darker explanations) went from a dead horse to alien organ harvests transported to rural fields in black CIA helicopters?  Why do people grab onto such seemingly bizarre explanations?  Or perhaps I should ask you are there some “triggers” that make people make this jump?

What was it about the Snippy case or any of the later ones that caused these “explanations” to be offered?  And believed?  Are there certain “facts” from the incident that moves what would be a normal explanation into the realm of the paranormal? And, I am also curious if you think that the so-called logical explanations make sense to you?

Do you think that there actually might be something very strange going on here??? 2. When it comes to many of the more well-known cattle mutilations, connections have been made with aliens, mysterious cults, Satan-worshippers and even the always-terrifying black government helicopters. So what is it about Snippy and the other unfortunate animals that seemed to bring in these other basically unrelated phenomena? Do you think that it is because the events were so horrible and strange that surely, something mysterious must have been involved?

Or, do you think that we naturally try to draw connections when we are confused and have to come up with something that answers the question, no matter how odd it might actually be?  What was it about these incidents that made the inclusion of other seemingly unrelated phenomena to be offered as part of the explanation? If Snippy was found, say, 100 years ago, how do you think the investigation and explanations might have turned out?  Is there something important about the modern time period – or more specifically, the 1970s – that might have turned people’s attention to unusual or mysterious explanations than perhaps another time?  Why black helicopters?

Can you think of any mysterious creatures from folklore or the past that are like these sinister vehicles?  Are black helicopters just a new version of an old mysterious entity that has inhabited our culture for centuries? (this one may take a little research, but I bet many of you can think of examples without outside sources).

What does this tell us about the reality of these ominous aircraft? *Use the following links/resources to answer the above questions. Answers should be no less than 500 words for each, include appropriate citations and be free from grammatical errors.*

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